Collaboration Innovation Transformation Platform

Helping organisations expedite innovation and transformation through Digital Transformation Management Platform.

With UVOIS you can...

Meeting the Needs of Future-Oriented Teams

Discover growth opportunities

Identify trends & opportunities within your teams. Spark discussions and empower insights for transformation to happen.

surface valuable ideas

Gain solutions to any challenge your team faces from your talent base. Cognitive automation will help bubble up the best ideas, reducing information overload.

Drive viable ideas to value

Focus on creating value and impact through your project as oversight and communication of the project is made effortlessly. 

Encode innovation into your dna

Cultivate a forward-thinking mindset and culture within the organisation intuitively, backed by time tested approaches and methodologies.

Scale Innovation & Transformation efforts
seamlessly with UVOIS

Embedded Innovation Management

Gamification Driving Engagement

Crowd Based Decisions

Matching Algorithms Enhancing Decisions

Analytics to Track Performance

Transformative Leaders love UVOIS
"The platform allowed us to engage swiftly, a large number of employees to uncover opportunities for innovation and explore new growth areas"
Group chief strategy & innovation officer, SIME DARBY BERHAD
"Transformed the submission, mentoring & evaluation process. Employing the platform gave us the capacity to completely digitise- reducing the time, cost and resources needed to organise and manage the project"
Malaysia development corporation (mdec)
"The tool made selection of attendees fast, easy and transparent while the visual data made it easy to compare the performance on different levels"
Centre For Future-Ready Graduates
National University of Singapore

Transformative Organisations that trusts UVOIS

*UVOIS was formerly known as InnovAsian Space

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UVOIS is a digital solution by Alpha Catalyst Consulting Sdn Bhd, based in Kuala Lumpur. We are focused on creating simple yet engaging software to digitise innovation within the Asian context.

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