Engaging Employees across Multiple Continents

Imagine the mammoth task of engaging 10,000 executives scattered across the globe. A daunting assignment, this was the vision of a multinational conglomerate that chose UVOIS to connect everyone on a single platform with the aim of identifying the company’s innovation strategy. Our Innovate package accorded employees from different countries and divisions the opportunity to share information on their current projects. This gave rise to deeper interaction and a new line of communication that was previously unheard of in such a large organisation. From little awareness of what their colleagues were doing previously, the employees took part in unstructured open communication, something the company had never done before. With the participation of higher management in providing comments and feedback on the projects shared, the barriers of hierarchy were chipped away and younger employees valued the interaction with senior employees, which would have rarely occurred in person. This served to strengthen the company’s underlying effort to inculcate a culture that supports innovation.

In addition, utilising the Innovate packag to organize innovation competitions and hackathons allowed the company to identify areas for innovation as seen from the perspective of employees. With the tools available to analyse the patterns of online engagement, they also gained new insights on their workforce.

OUTCOME: The company became more aware of the levels of innovation readiness within the organisation and realised that there was strong interest in innovation within the company, based on the conversations happening online. The gathered data on employee engagement was also an enabler to better shape the company’s innovation strategy.

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UVOIS was previously known as InnovAsian® Space

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