Obtaining Fresh Ideas

A company approached us while seeking a way to obtain fresh new ideas in four separate business units within their organisation. Identifying the young executives in the company as the target contributors, we exposed participants to our innovation framework to give them a structure for approaching innovation. Over the course of two half-day sessions, a group of 30 young executives engaged in discussions and came up with multiple ideas for new business models or enhancements to the existing businesses. These were uploaded directly to the platform, using our Collaborate package. The entire exercise became more engaging and transparent as the teams could see each others ideas, comment and vote on them, providing real time interaction. Teams pitched directly to key function leaders within the organisation and the best ideas were identified both by the participants (through voting) and by the managers present.

OUTCOME: The exercise gave the organisation a new perspective of the young talent they had within the company, recognising that the group was brimming with valuable ideas. Top management also chose ideas which could be prototyped, giving the organisation potentially new growth revenue.

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UVOIS was previously known as InnovAsian® Space

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