UVOIS was conceived in 2014 to revolutionise the workplace by tapping on the power of the crowd to solve complex and critical challenges faced by any group of individuals. Drive ideas to high value and impactful solutions faster than ever. UVOIS was designed with multiple stakeholder perspectives in mind, focused on serving the wider benefit of the customer’s ecosystem. Since its inception, UVOIS has been deployed and successfully accelerated transformation in various types of organisation. UVOIS is key to developing existing talent into strategic competitive advantage. From simple collaboration to an inclusive innovation management solution, it is highly customisable to your needs. Our various packages are tailored to different levels of innovation readiness.



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UVOIS IS THe first of its kind in asia

Embedded with a proven innovation framework, that is designed for multiple market segments. Quickly integrate within your structure and adopt a standard process flow.  Manage both internal and external innovation efforts (open innovation). From identifying where to innovate, capturing possible solutions, to delivering a pitch, and producing a pretotype, prototype or pilot your solutions. Customise the platform to integrate other innovation methodologies such as: design thinking, agile, exponential transformation sprint  or any other change management approaches.

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Pioneers in transformation and innovation management in Asia, focused on cultivating the right mindset, capabilities and culture to transform. Passionate to expedite innovation and transformation by merging collective intelligence with cognitive automation. The Alpha Cats blend the fundamentals of innovation management with the Asian culture and operating environment. Their services include building innovation capabilities and innovation consulting. With a mix of personal and digital approaches to delivery, they have earned their status as innovation leaders of Asia.

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UVOIS is a digital solution by Alpha Catalyst Consulting Sdn Bhd, based in Kuala Lumpur. We are focused on creating simple yet engaging software to digitise innovation within the Asian context.

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