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Run Hackathons


Organise Workshops

Engage Communities


Inclusive Collaboration

Encourage meaningful discussions with your team; the quiet, the noisy, the far and the near

Seamless Management

Capture and follow all discussions and decisions made in one place

High Impact

Focus on maximising your time by delivering value through structure that minimises effort


Curate Challenges

Define challenge parameters & understand limitations when curating. A well-thought out challenge incites more relevant and valuable solutions.  

Gather Solutions

Invite as many relevant contributors to begin gathering solutions. Break through the hierarchy and overcome inertia. Maximise your outcome through collective intelligence.

Judging & Evaluation

Invite Internal experts to help evaluate the solutions for your challenges. Gain an unbiased opinion for each solution.

Track Impact & Performance

Get a bird’s eye view of your contributors’ behaviour through each challenge analytics. Identify popular themes and pertinent solutions. 



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/ Month
Billed Annually

S$25.20 for monthly billing

Up to 50 Users


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Up to 200 Users


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/ Month
Billed Annually

S$118.80 for monthly billing

Up to 500 Users


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More than 500 Users

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