Run open innovation challenges to crowdsource ideas and solutions using our digital challenge platform. Designed with a user-friendly interface, shortlist ideas and solutions without bias in real-time, while conveniently providing feedback to challenge participants.

Build your community

Create a campaign

Get ideas or solutions

Analyse the results

Master your skills!

Launch Challenges

Design and run large-scale challenges with multiple rounds and obtain solutions using a simple yet intuitive interface that is designed to make the submission and evaluation process easy.

Master your skills!

Adapt submissions

Submissions can be made as rich text media with added illustrations via both pictures and videos. The complex capability of the platform allows an enormous amount of detail to be presented and evaluated.

Master your skills!

Manage Evaluation easily

Live judging competitions can be supported as all evaluations done by judges are made in real time. This ensures transparency in scoring to limit biasness when evaluating. The interface has made it easy and quick for judges or evaluators to score and provide written feedback to participants.

Master your skills!

Automate Analytics

The range of scores from different judges can be viewed, providing transparency in scoring. The automatically calculated weighted averages decreases the need for deliberation, allowing for easy decision-making regarding a winner.

Master your skills!

Manage participants

It is simple to manage the community of participants. The intuitive portal will showcase all registered participants, which means you can determine the trend of registering users to determine whether you should increase efforts to spread the word.

Changing the Way of Work

What you get with


Customise Landing Page

Structure the details of your challenge to announce to your crowd

Configure settings

Set the number of rounds, deadline, and structure of each challenge

Monitor Score Matrix

Observe and supervise the scoring trend

Own your data

Export relevant data to PDF or Excel format

Manage Community

Review your community of participants and evaluators

Access Management Dashboard

Manage multiple challenges from a single dashboard


Manage Profile

Capture individual or team profile of participants to make verification easy.

Submit Entry

The interface is designed to make submission dynamic to allow creativity from the participants.

View scores and feedback

Allow participants to review scores and comments provided by evaluators to gain feedback.

Save as draft

Participants have the ability to build a draft of their entry on the system, only to be submitted when ready.

Access to Multiple Challenges

The system permits participants to have access to multiple challenges with a single ID within the same ecosystem


Evaluate Online

Submit scores and comments at your own time and space.

Live judging

The system is optimised for live judging events, thus all scores are updated in real time

Easy evaluation process

The interface was built to make evaluation quick, easy and mobile.

Review overall scores

A simple list or grid view allows evaluators to review, edit or filter submissions of their choice.

Manage judge profile

Update professional evaluators profile to make profiling easy.

Device Friendly

Evaluators have the flexibility to make evaluations from the device of their choice.

Other BESPOKE Highlights

Use it in any way that you like!


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Dev System

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Our Packages

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$20 per month (50 users)





$20 per month (50 users)

All in Collaborate




$20 per month (50 users)

All in Innovate



$20 per month (50 users)

All in Transform

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