Use cases as to how UVOIS’s COLLABORATE package is being used



Used to: 

  • launch hackathons 
  • assist workshops 
  • obtain fresh and real-time insights during corporate events

Small-medium enterprises

Used to: 

  • structure internal communication and promote idea generation
  • strengthen relationships with customers
  • provide insight into organisational flow of ideas

public sector

Used to: 

  • connect with citizens in a simple yet effective way 
  • involve citizens in politics
  • harvest citizen opinions and ideas to create a better fit with policy and political message

ngos, think tanks & associations

Used to: 

  • increase the attention towards NGOs and association by being transparent and sharing current initiatives
  • source ideas for additional funding plans and recommended projects

Schools, universities, learning events

Used to: 

  • host a specific challenge which needs to be solved (assignments, hackathons)
  • grade challenges and solutions

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