Use cases as to how UVOIS’s COLLABORATE package is being used

large corporations & smes

Engaging Employees across Multiple Continents

Imagine the mammoth task of engaging 10,000 executives scattered across the globe. A daunting assignment, this was the vision of a multinational conglomerate that chose InnovAsian® Space to connect everyone on a single platform with the aim of identifying the company’s innovation strategy. Our Scale solution accorded employees from different countries and divisions the opportunity to share information on their current projects. This gave rise to deeper interaction and a new line of communication that was previously unheard of in such a large organisation. From little awareness of what their colleagues were doing previously, the employees took part in unstructured open communication, something the company had never done before. With the participation of higher management in providing comments and feedback on the projects shared, the barriers of hierarchy were chipped away and younger employees valued the interaction with senior employees, which would have rarely occurred in person. This served to strengthen the company’s underlying effort to inculcate a culture that supports innovation.

In addition, utilising the Scale solution to organize innovation competitions and hackathons allowed the company to identify areas for innovation as seen from the perspective of employees. With the tools available to analyse the patterns of online engagement, they also gained new insights on their workforce.

OUTCOME: The company became more aware of the levels of innovation readiness within the organisation and realised that there was strong interest in innovation within the company, based on the conversations happening online. The gathered data on employee engagement was also an enabler to better shape the company’s innovation strategy.

Evaluating Multiple Submissions Transparently and Systematically

Picture a scene of a large number of proposals from all over the country which needs to be evaluated in a timely and transparent manner by a panel of evaluators. If such a competition were managed by a large team, all could breathe easy. However, having only one individual managing it behind the scene would be an intimidating prospect. Luckily our Expand solution made the task a breeze to handle.

The platform was used for submissions of team entries from university students from all around Malaysia. The entries had to be confidential and participants were not permitted to see submissions by others. There were multiple sections which had to be filled by participants (for easy evaluation of the different parts) including images and videos. Entries were then allocated to specific judges, with no visibility of the other submissions, giving rise to a high degree of confidentiality. Once each judge had submitted their evaluation and comments, marks were automatically calculated by the system, ranking the performance of all submissions in a visual manner. This feature managed to reduce deliberation on submissions significantly, reducing the amount of coordination needed by the organisers. Additionally, comments on each entry by the judges were consolidated and shared with participants. This proved to be very useful and was highly valued by participants because it helped them improve their capabilities in anticipation of future competitions. 

OUTCOME: The time and resources needed to manage the entire competition were markedly reduced, with a higher degree of transparency and smoother evaluation process for the judges.

Obtaining Fresh Ideas

A company approached us while seeking a way to obtain fresh new ideas in four separate business units within their organisation. Identifying the young executives in the company as the target contributors, we exposed participants to our innovation framework to give them a structure for approaching innovation. Over the course of two half-day sessions, a group of 30 young executives engaged in discussions and came up with multiple ideas for new business models or enhancements to the existing businesses. These were uploaded directly to the software, using our Launch solution. The entire exercise became more engaging and transparent as the teams could see each others ideas, comment and vote on them, providing real time interaction. Teams pitched directly to key function leaders within the organisation and the best ideas were identified both by the participants (through voting) and by the managers present. 

OUTCOME: The exercise gave the organisation a new perspective of the young talent they had within the company, recognising that the group was brimming with valuable ideas. Top management also chose ideas which could be prototyped, giving the organisation potentially new growth revenue.

Tracking Innovation Projects

A government backed organisation used our Scale solution as a project tracking tool to monitor recipients of their funding.

The fund recipients had to work with mentors from the corporate sector in refining their projects and bring them to a prototype or proof of concept stage. Previously, tracking of the projects was labour intensive and manual in nature. Scale gave the organisers the opportunity to track discussions between mentors (who were from the corporate sector) and fund recipients. In addition, updates on the multiple projects funded by the organisation could be viewed easily on a single page.

Knowledge capture and documentation was made easier as Scale documented all online interactions and threads of conversations. For the fund recipients, reporting on the progress of their projects also became easier with the use of the platform.

OUTCOME: Tracking of project success became much easier, with less resources and effort needed for monitoring. This made the entire workflow of working with the fund recipients or innovators effortless, while also permitting the capture of key discussion threads. 

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