Boost innovation efforts by exploring areas for growth. Digitise innovation management, converting insights to valuable impact.

Our INNOVATE value

Innovation Scout

Scan your internal and external environment and always be ahead. Recognise actionable trends and opportunities and trigger innovation.

Project Management

Overcome inertia and allow valuable and viable ideas to flourish. Turn these gems into high impact initiatives for the organisation.

In-Depth Analytics

Understand your innovation efforts and your people with the real-time analytics. Make informed decisions aligned with the overall strategy.

Embedded Innovation Framework

Integrate a structured flow with our proven innovation management framework.


Discover Opportunities

Maximise foresight through collective intelligence. Encourage employees to identify problems, innovation opportunities & trends. Obtain comments, ratings and reviews for posts. 

Spot Solutions

Share your expectations for more focused ideas from the crowd. Launch a challenge to obtain solutions instantly from every corner of your organisation. Leverage on employees to give comments and feedback on them. 

Insights to Projects

Convert valuable solutions into innovation projects. Track project updates by project members. Manage and allocate project tasks easier with a to-do-list style task function.


Share articles, research papers or videos on the platform. Develop the collective technical knowledge to increase involvement on the platform. Receive feedback from employees on uploaded resources.

Analyse Activities​

Measure & predict impact and performance. Obtain relevant data with smart analytics for all your innovation efforts. With Gamification embedded in the system, detect your top innovation talents instantly. 

Added Value with INNOVATE



An intuitive interface, providing users with an overview of the platform.Users are able to browse from the top trending to the most discussed posts across the whole platform.



Gamification is built-in the platform to increase engagement. Points are awarded to users for their involvement on the platform. The leaderboard will be updated real-time to cultivate a healthy competitive environment.

Matching Algorithm

Matching Algorithm

All posts are crunched by the embedded algorithm, matching related and similar posts accordingly. With that, cognitive overload is reduced by displaying the frequencies of posts-alike. The reduced cognitive overload allows more focus on critical decision making.



Review Insights

Rate & comment insights given by other contributors

Launch Challenges

Shape expectations to obtain more specific ideas


Convert implementable insights to impactful projects

Analyse Activity

Monitor Impact & Identify innovation talents in the organisation


Every stage of innovation process is centrally driven by administrator


Insight posting

Post insights as an individual or as a team

View postings

See the solutions posted by other contributors

Insight Feedback

Rate and comment insights given by other contributors

Boost credibility

Build your innovation portfolio to gain recognition and credibility

Project Communication

Provide project updates to the entire community

Bring your organisation's ideas to life


UVOIS is a digital solution by Alpha Catalyst Consulting Sdn Bhd, based in Kuala Lumpur. We are focused on creating simple yet engaging software to digitise innovation within the Asian context.

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