Gather voices through UVOIS

Drive value creation through our innovation management software, irrespective of your organisation’s size.

Struggling to keep apace in the new economy with its demands for efficiency improvements and exploration into new markets or business models?

Still stacking papers and files to store ideas and track project progress? Are new insights and ideas buried in a pile of fragmented platforms?

Finding it difficult to retain your best employees? Is it a disconnected workforce keeping you from your best form?

Embedded Innovation Management
With the platform being built with a widely tested methodology, users can use it effectively.
Gamification driving engagement
To capture the attention of the users and to drive productivity, gamification elements are embedded.
Crowd-based Decisions
Making radical decision can be intimidating. However, through our platform, we leverage on collective intelligence to lift the burden.
Matching algorithms enhancing decisions
Humans are prone to making decisions based on feelings, experience or biasness. We believe in cognitive automation to enhance the quality of decisions made. With our matching algorithm, cognitive automation is executed to enhance decisions.
Analytics to track performance
To manage activities and to identify top performers, a full dashboard that has it all!



$20 per month (50 users)





$20 per month (50 users)

All in Collaborate




$20 per month (50 users)

All in Innovate



$20 per month (50 users)

All in Transform

Bespoke options

How can your organisation use UVOIS effectively


Run a Hackathon to engage large crowds of people to solicit fresh ideas and solutions.


Organise and easily access all research projects and researcher’s profiles to stimulate collaboration and cross fertilisation of ideas.


Create live conversation threads online with constant, real-time communication of all the various stakeholders related to your cause.


Build a safe space for creativity and innovation to happen to foster brilliant thinking into your culture. Make ingenuity tangible and accessible to your organisation.

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