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The Essential Role Of Data And Analytics In Innovation And Start-Up Success

It’s Fresh! Forbes – By Bernard Marr For innovative businesses, one of the crucial roles that data plays is proving to a sometimes sceptical audience that your product provides a new solution to a recurrent problem … View on Measure innovation performance for your organisation with UVOIS.

Five Ways To Increase Creativity And Innovation In Workshops And Meetings

Jazz Ensemble: Getty Forbes – By George Bradt The best meeting and workshop facilitators think of themselves as orchestra conductors. Even though they are in front of the room, they know that all the music comes from the participants and none from them as conductors. There are two primary approaches …

The Innovative Employee: Traits, Knowledge and Company Culture

InnovationManagement – By Benjamin Thedieck / Daniel Pfeifer / Volker Lippitz How can a companies’ ability to innovate be improved?All innovation activity can be traced back to the behavior of employees. That makes the employee the center point of attention, if you want to improve your innovation ability. This article is built around the question: …

A Quick Guide to External Collaboration

InnovationManagement – By Stefan Lindegaard Working with external partners to bring better products and services to market faster and/or develop better intellectual property has never been more popular in the world of business than what we see today … View on Create collaboration in your organisation easily and effectively, with …

9 Simple Tips For Leading Brilliant Brainstorms

Taming a wild idea, not improving a mediocre one, often leads to breakthrough concepts. SHUTTERSTOCK Forbes – By Lisa Bodell Leading a productive brainstorm isn’t a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. It’s the product of smart planning. After holding thousands of ideation sessions — including plenty that were less-than-awesome — I’ve learned …

The Role of Leadership in Driving Innovation

Leaders are often regarded as the real parents or guardians of the company – what role can the leaders play in driving innovation within the company? 1. Clarify the purpose of innovation Organizations innovate for various reasons. For many, the various types of innovation overlap and culminates in the same …

How large organisations can leverage the digital advantage for innovation?

The digital world has permeated our lives in more ways than we would like to admit. Everyday we hear of new apps that promise to make our life better, ranging from delegation of personal tasks to guiding us through downtown peak-hour traffic snarls and managing our personal budgets. Companies like …

Why Every Business Should Run Internal Hackathons

Forbes – By Theo Priestley There isn’t a month that goes by where, in a city somewhere, a hackathon is taking place sponsored by a consultancy, organisation or educational institution. A hackathon is an event which has become synonymous with software and hardware development teams collaborating and coming together to create something new, or to …


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