Awaken and transform the minds of your people into impactful innovators. By being inclusive, your organisational culture can obtain the necessary facelift to navigate into the future.


Transform Strategy

Reinvent how ideas flow within your organisation. Create an iterative flow from ideas to impact. Reduce latency between insight to action.

Transform Culture

Cultivate a new organisational culture fit for the future. Manifest innovative qualities at an individual level.

Transform Digitally

Develop talent in preparation for the digital age. Solve traditional problems with emerging technologies and gain a competitive advantage.


Discover Opportunities

Maximise foresight through collective intelligence. Encourage employees to identify innovation opportunities & trends. Obtain comments, ratings and reviews for posts. 

Spot Solutions

Share your expectations for more focused ideas from the crowd. Launch a challenge to obtain solutions instantly from all corners of your organisation. Employees can give comments and feedback on them. 

Insights to Projects

Convert valuable solutions into innovation projects. Track project updates and by project members. Manage and allocate project tasks easier with a to-do-list style task function.

Provide Update & Guidance

Share news to keep users updated with organisational efforts. Help users by giving them innovation guidance, in the form of articles, research papers or videos. Receive feedback from employees on uploaded resources.

Assess Competencies

Design assessments to evaluate the current competencies and identify learning needs. In the form of multiple choice questionnaires (MCQ), personal and peer-to-peer assessments; capture your organisation’s potential and measure growth.


Enhance Capabilities

Curate learning modules to increase accessibility to necessary skills. Create quizzes on relevant topics and obtain a performance overview. Empowering employees with the freedom of choice with their self-development.

Engage Employees

Encourage employees to participate with your organisation’s innovation efforts through email campaigns. Reach out to employees with either a blast or a daily/weekly/monthly newsletter.

Analyse Activities​

Measure & predict impact and performance. Obtain relevant data with smart analytics for all your innovation efforts, assessment and learning modules. With gamification embedded in the system, detect your top innovation talents instantly.


Added Value with TRANSFORM



An intuitive interface, providing users with an overview of the platform.Users are able to browse from the top trending to the most discussed posts across the whole platform.



Customise your point system. Determine how points are allocated according to your goals.

Matching Algorithm

Matching Algorithm

All posts are crunched by the embedded algorithm, matching related and similar posts accordingly. With that, cognitive overload is reduced by displaying the frequencies of posts-alike. The reduced cognitive overload allows more focus on critical decision making.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation

Reach external talent pool by launching an open innovation campaign.

Customised Methodology

Customised Methodology

Adopt any innovation management methodology familiar to you. From Design Thinking to Agile/Scrum the platform is customisable to your need.

Roles in


Customise innovation portal

Personalise the innovation management software to suit your organisation’s unique requirements

Create new user roles

Create and introduce an unlimited amount of user roles

Monitor External Innovation Challenges

Administer the participants, judges and evaluation process

Lead Learning

Curate unlimited learning materials & assessments for the employees' self-improvement

Spot Innovators

Identify top innovation talents and future leaders in the organisation

Make Decisions

To discuss and communicate the decision made for all contributions

Manage Performance

Keep track of the impact & performance for all contributions


Post as a team

Individual or Teams can submit insights

Review insights

Rate and comment on insights given by other contributors

Project Communication

Provide project updates to the entire community

Innovation Empowerment

Position yourself strategically on the track to become an innovator


Receive assessments & educational guides regularly to enhance your innovation knowledge

Test Abilities

Join external innovation challenges to gain experience & capability

Boost credibility

Build your innovation portfolio to gain recognition and credibility

Transform your Organisation Today


UVOIS is a digital solution by Alpha Catalyst Consulting Sdn Bhd, based in Kuala Lumpur. We are focused on creating simple yet engaging software to digitise innovation within the Asian context.

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